The Best Truffles in the Midwest


This year’s Oscars gift bags will have a little slice of authentic South Dakota in them: Chubby Chipmunk truffles! These truffles are among the best in the nation.

Based out of historic Deadwood, this little shop started in 2005 with only the owner working there. In a little over a decade of business, they have grown to become one of South Dakota’s most iconic stores.

The attention to detail is astonishing. Each box of truffles comes with a “truffle care card”, which gives helpful advice on how to store them and the best temperature to eat them at. Every single truffle passes personal inspection before being sold.

Truffles are available in a variety of flavors including Bailey’s Irish Cream, Burgundy Cherry, Buttercream, Chipmunk Treasure, Creme Brรปlรฉe, Dark Amaretto, Dark Blackberry, Dark Caramel, Double Dark Dan, Espresso, German Chocolate Cake, Hot Mama, Kahlua and Cream, Key Lime, Lemon Meringue, Milk “Moose”, Milk Caramel, Milk Chocolate Cheesecake, Milk Turtle, Mint Munk, Moose Toffee, NY Cheesecake, P-Nut Butter Cream, Raspberry Cream, Raspberry Royale, Root Beer Float, Salted Dark Chocolate, Salted Milk Chocolate, Strawberry “Princess” Parfait, and Toffee Trixie.


But non-South Dakotans don’t need to take a road trip to try some of these decadent truffles, because they can be ordered online from

My favorite is Moose Toffee! Which do you want to try? ๐Ÿ™‚



One thought on “The Best Truffles in the Midwest

  1. I keep sending people up to you, and they come back beaming how great your products are and how nice they are treated.


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