Exploring Silica Sand Mines

Near Deerfield Lake, this breathtaking silica mine attracts cavers, hikers, and ATV riders alike. It is a short hike (less than a mile) from a small parking area near the road. The tunnels are huge, quiet, and reminiscent of a forgotten tomb.

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After taking a few steps inside, the temperature drops considerably.

Guided by headlamps and flashlights, we continued into the cave. When examining a rock face, I swiftly shifted up my flashlight and the light beam startled a bat! The tunnels do not go very far into the hill, and all three tunnels are connected inside. You don’t have to worry about getting lost in this mine.

There are several areas where the ceiling has partially collapsed. There is even a collapsed timber support in one section. There is quite a bit of charcoal graffiti on the cave walls, unfortunately.

The silica mine is southwest of Deerfield Lake on Ditch Creek Road. GPS coordinates are N43*58.598’ W103*50.843’.

Thanks to DakotaGraph for writing about this one!


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