Phoenix’s Large Abandoned Race Track to be Demolished

The Phoenix Trotting Park has had a short history operation and a long history of abandonment. In recent decades, it has been a hotspot for urban explorers and photographers, but the 100,000 square-foot building is finally set to be demolished by the end of 2017.

Built in 1963, the Phoenix Trotting Park in Goodyear, Arizona cost a whopping total of $10 million to build. It closed only 3 years later due to the uncomfortably hot Arizona weather and the 20 mile distance from Phoenix with no easy accessibility.

In 1998, the Charlie Sheen movie No Code of Conduct filmed some scenes in the building. Part of filming included detonating a large explosion in the track. A large number of pigeons were killed in the explosion, which caused significant controversy when wildlife organizations got involved. The explosion also damaged the building, including destroying glass windows and other grandstand features.

It will be disappointing to see such an interesting abandoned building destroyed.




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